To answer this question, first I would like to present several types of carp markers and talk about their advantages and disadvantages. I will briefly discuss each of them, presenting their strengths and weaknesses, and then I will choose the one that I think is best.


It is the cheapest one, however it is less and less frequently used. Its biggest disadvantage is that when, after biting, the fish passes the marker, your line can entangle into a marker’s string. It is often the case that you pull the fish together with the marker and the lead. If there are no underwater obstacles on the way (such as roots or stones) it is half the trouble because if there are – you will often not be able to haul your fish without a pontoon.


Pole markers are the most popular as well as the most safe ones.  Their great advantage is that, during the biting, such marker simply evades and even if the fish passes it, it would fold and there is no problem here with line entanglement. It is presented on the following video: An additional advantage is that they are usually reflective and luminous so we can see it from quite a distance. The best of them are visible from a distance of almost 500 meters, so we can transport our rigs quite far.


There are quite a lot of such markers on the market, but we need it to be pole-type, have a load + reflective system and a luminous element. Their prices differ from  200 Euro, and the most expensive ones are up to 30 Euro. There is no need to choose the pole markers that are switched on with the remote control as they are usually quite expensive.  An ordinary luminous pole marker is enough. More information about such a marker can be found on the homepage of my website.