Luminous Undercarp carp marker

With dusk to dawn sensor.

This product was created by UNDERCARP Company – if you are looking for a pole marker with a dusk to dawn sensor which will help you to mark the fishing ground, you have come to the right place. Take a look at all the information concerning this marker provided here. We hope you will find the answer to all your questions in the presentation. We have sold over 3,000 carp markers in Europe. Express UK delivery.

carp marker pole dusk sensor light led

Luminous LED

Undercarp Tip with dusk to dawn sensor.

Lighting time of this LED is from 14 to even 60 days. It depends on the type of battery used.  This element is powered by two AA batteries. Visibility of the light is up to 500 meters in favorable weather conditions. Waterproofness IP 68 – it is possible to completely immerse the marker under water. Switch on by turning the upper element of the marker to the right or switch off by turning it to the left.

dusk sensor ligh LED marker pole carp



Lead – natural stone

Lead’s weight: 1.8-1.9kg

The square-shaped lead weights approximately 1.8-1.9kg. There is a handle in the middle with the help of which you can attach the lead to our luminous carp marker. You can see how to attach such a stone lead to a pole on the video above.

carp marker pole natural

Connection system

Stainless steel clips

All sections – the so called poles – are connected by special clips. This is a very fast and extremely simple and effective system thanks to which you can extend the marker by any length. The glow-in-the dark Undercarp marker is 6 meters long, but we can extend it to 10 or even 20 meters.  In order to do that you need to buy individual elements of our marker.



Reflective carp marker

Undercarp’s offer also includes an ordinary classic pole marker, which does not have a dusk to dawn sensor. Here we only have a simple reflective tip. You can additionally buy the LED luminous tip with a dusk to dawn sensor.

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